Zuii Organic Certified Flora Eyeshadow, , 1.5 g


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About this item -eyeshadow palette


  • Zuii Organic  imported products from Australia. Certified organic, is made from flowers, food grade, Australian is made, preservative free, no petrochemicals, parabens eyeshadow palette,
  • Tips base – mustard & chestnut highlighters – vanilla frost, white diamond, pink ice & purple ice shaders – bronze, black diamond, moss, slate, sapphire, blackberry eyeshadow palette
  • Zuii’s unique eyeshadow palette talc free certified organic floral blend of rose, chamomile and jasmine powders enriched with natural vitamins and minerals delivers both a subtle and sophisticated colour
  • Beautifully extracted from certified organic flora products, zuii certified organics was born to give you all the loving your skin deserves. Designed to nourish, Zuii Organic certified flora eyeshadow palette
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